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What Are the Moments That Matter?

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

couples on deck

(I wish I could say I took this photo, but I was enjoying our guests so much that I totally forgot the photo opt. Hence, a stock photo. I promise to do better in the future)

Do you ever stop and ask yourself, “What are the moments that truly matter?”

It would seem that at least a portion of humanity has skewed priorities of what truly matters. Do you ever neglect loved ones to work longer hours or spend excess time on social media?

Stepping back and asking yourself “What matters most?” is a relevant and reasonable question.

Dwight and I talk about this often and we make efforts to be intentional with our loved ones and our social life.

Last night, we hosted a small gathering of couples. Four couples, including us, spent the evening on the roof-top deck. We put out some light snacks and I made a batch of Cosmopolitans. Some brought drink options or treats to share. It was a lovely evening at 85* and a light breeze… a little too early in the season for the fire pit. We lit candles around the deck for soft light.

Everyone got the drink of their choice and we settled in with light conversation and snacks.

We love to entertain and we’ve been hosting little gathering long enough to know how to get the energy going with ease. About 45 minutes in, I suggested that we go around the circle and each person tell something about themselves… what they do for work or something they are currently excited about. Everyone was completely agreeable.

While all of these people had met, some of them didn’t know much about the others.

We’ve learned that if the conversation is going to get off the ground in a meaningful way, we must initiate some vulnerability.

After we had gone 3/4 of the way around the circle, someone said it would have been cool to allow our partners to tell the group about us. Brilliant idea! We went around the circle again and each person shared in details about their partner.

You could see everyone leaning in to get all the juicy details. No one was divulging deep dark secrets, but the shares dipped into vulnerability just enough to draw everyone into each other.

The next thing we knew, people were cross talking with comments of celebration and support of someone else in the circle.

I could literally watch and feel the connections happening right before my eyes!

Everyone got a turn and it felt so inclusive and honoring of each person.

This, of course, lead to spontaneous outbursts of raucous laughter and playfulness.

These are the moments I live for… the moments that matter.

If you are wanting to improve your social life, hosting small and very simple gatherings is a wonderful way to do it. We’ve got it down to a science. Being intentional with friends and potential friends is a powerful way to create a social life that you love.

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