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How Forgetting Eggs Gifted Me a Life Lesson

Sometimes, it can be hard to be patient. When encountering rude people, we must embrace the opportunity to exercise grace.

I was standing in line recently, waiting for a live cashier at a grocery store. The clerk and a manager were helping an older customer who needed assistance completing her order. She moved a bit slower. She needed help managing all her payment options. And she needed help remembering essential details.

I waited my turn patiently and busied myself in reviewing my list again.

Another customer started loading her order from her cart. I saw that she had a carton of eggs. That reminded me that I needed to pick up an 18-pack of eggs.

Ahead of me, the manager was helping the older woman apply store credit to her order.

I grabbed my items from the belt, allowing the order behind me to take my place in line. I made my way to the cooler to pick a carton of eggs. I used a self-checkout kiosk to complete my grocery trip.

On my way out, I passed the manager, who offered me a comment of thanks. His manner of speaking to me implied he was apologizing for what he must have perceived as me silently suffering the inconvenience of waiting a long time in a line. I made it a point to reply by thanking him for modeling patience and kindness when working with the customer who needed his help. I grabbed his shoulder to let him know I was sincere.

I wiped a tear as I walked to the parking lot and loaded my order into the car.

When life forces us to wait, we should embrace the opportunity to pause.

We used to call patience a virtue. With so many things competing for our time and attention, we may think of it as a luxury. We owe it to ourselves to change the frame from being inconvenienced to being gifted a chance for silent reflection.

In addition to reflecting on how to embrace life's pauses, I made a connection with the store manager.



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