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Four Reasons to Say Yes

How many times have you received a wonderful social invitation and let something inside of you prevent you from saying yes?

This actually seems to be a very common theme. I’ve spoken to many who say that they are excited to receive the invitation, but when it comes right down to it, they don’t go.

I’ve lost count on the number of people who I have face-to-face invited to one of our gatherings and followed it with a written invitation. While face-to-face, they seemed incredibly excited, but never responded to the invitation.

Maybe you lack social skills or you feel socially awkward. Perhaps, you’re afraid of being rejected… the thought that you’ll go to the party and no one will talk to you. The list of possible insecurities and limiting beliefs is endless.

Introverts are particularly good at talking themselves out of accepting social invitations. While it may be easier to stay home and be by yourself, it is far less rewarding. And, the long-term effects of loneliness and isolation can be devastating.

We recently hosted a small gathering in our home. We reached out to three people that we had only met once and invited them to come over for a bite of dinner followed by conversation around the rooftop fire pit. Our three guests did not know each other. As we sat around the fire pit, each one of them stated that they would have never accepted an invitation like this; however, for some reason they knew they needed to say yes to this invitation. Each one of them stated that they were so glad that they had said yes.

I’m not advocating saying yes to every social invitation. We certainly don’t accept every social invitation that we receive. We are very selective about the people that we spend time with and we’re selective about the social invitations that we accept. You could say that we lead an intentional and curated life.

"It’s intentionally placing ourselves in social situations with people that we know will lift us up and leave us walking away feeling energized."

Please don’t misunderstand. It’s not a snobby thing. It’s intentionally placing ourselves in social situations with people that we know will lift us up and leave us walking away feeling energized. This concept has contributed greatly to our overall quality of life.

Now, for the four reasons to say yes…

  1. Magic and growth can only happen outside of your comfort zone. The world is your oyster, but you have to stretch to enjoy it.

  2. You never know when you’re going to meet that new best friend, or the partner of your dreams, but you know you’re not going to meet them closed in your house by yourself.

  3. The benefits of being in Community are absolutely endless. Life really is better when we are together.

  4. Aside from oxygen, water, and food, people/relationships are our greatest resource. At the end of life when we’re taking our last breath, the people we’ve loved are all that matters.

If you have been unable to overcome the limitations within yourself that prevent you from having a rewarding social life and quality friendships, we invite you to reach out to us. If you could have done it by yourself, you would’ve already done it. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself surrounded by a community that loves and supports you. We can help.



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