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Do You Struggle With Loneliness and Isolation?

In my younger years, I experienced a great deal of loneliness and isolation.

My apartment was a place to shit, shower, shave, and sleep. If I wasn't doing one of those, I was never at home. I couldn't be alone. I always had a social plan and when I didn't, I was hanging out in a smoke-filled bar. This went on until I was in my early 40s. It was truly like being a prisoner in my own life. It was exhausting to have a social plan or be in a bar at all times, when I wasn't doing one of the four Ss above.

In my early 40s, things started to shift. I began to embark on a relationship with me. I began to explore what Self-Love actually means and what it looks like. It's been quite a journey and I'm definitely still on the journey. That said, Self-Love has definitely been THE key.

Today, I rarely experience loneliness and isolation. If I'm isolated, it's by choice. I call it "healthy solitude”… healthy being the key word. Even sunshine burns, if you get too much!

"Now, I've come to realize that loneliness is my soul telling me that I have an underdeveloped relationship with myself."

Yeah, read that again!

If you are experiencing loneliness and isolation, your soul is calling to you to heal that void inside you. No one can ever do that for you. Hint, it isn't about finding a partner. That's a Band-aid! You have to take responsibility for your own life. It's an inside job and cannot be fixed externally. You must go within.

Identify the wounds that you need to heal. Identify the blocks that you need to overcome. Identify the limiting beliefs that you need to rewrite. Take ONE step at a time. Once completed, take ONE more step forward. Repeat! The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.

There is NO reason to be lonely and isolated. If you are, it is by choice... perhaps, an unconscious choice, but still by choice. My hope is that reading this brings it into consciousness for you, so you can take the necessary steps to free yourself from loneliness and isolation.

This can be a process. If you need assistance, please reach out at



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