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Our Journey

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 Maddox & Dwight 

During the extreme isolation of the pandemic I made a declaration that when it was over, I would do whatever it took to create an EPIC social life. Not just any social life, but a social life with quality people that included deep and meaningful relationships.  I’m talking about the kind of friendships where you actually share your life with others, the celebrations and the struggles.  I wanted to surround myself with people that believed in me and had my back.


In September of 2022, I hosted a small gathering in my home.  I invited mostly people that I already knew.  At the second gathering the following month, a friend invited Dwight, the man who is now my life and business partner. The spark was immediate and we began to host the gatherings together.  We would invite friends and ask them to bring a friend.  Soon, we were meeting new people that we had never met before.  We even got to the point where we would approach people in public and invite them to one of our gatherings.  Maybe it was the barista at a coffee house, or the sales person that helped us in a clothing store.  We even walked up to strangers on the local hike & bike trail.  It was absolutely stunning how favorably people would respond to our invitation to come to a gathering.  This really expanded our circle.  As our relationship has grown, so has our rich social life.


For us, hosting these small intimate gatherings has been a highly effective way of creating a social life that we love! We now have an abundance of people in our lives that we can share a variety of experiences with. They're only a text message away.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every human being deserves to be surrounded by people who love and support them.

This blog is devoted to a deep exploration of all the obstacles that stand in the way of a human being’s ability to be part of a community in a way that allows them to experience a sense of true belonging.

Truthfully, there are 1 million things that can stand in your way and the majority of them can be found inside of you. 

On the surface, it can look like a lack of social skills, being an introvert, or not knowing how to make friends. These are only 3 of a very long list of possible obstacles. But, these are the symptoms, not the causes. 

To solve the problem, you must address the cause at its core, where it lives. That most always will be found deep inside of you. 

Most of us just want to fit in, but there is a big difference between fitting in and truly belonging. 







True belonging occurs when those around you accept and celebrate you for exactly who you are and how you show up in life. 

The Art of Being in Community is about uncovering and acknowledging the true causes of why you don’t have a social life that you love, filled with quality people who love you, accept you, and believe in you.

We invite you to join us on this journey. We invite you to face those parts of yourself that are hidden in darkness, so you may emerge into the light. 

That can look a lot of different ways, but most often, it will look like loving yourself and becoming your own best friend.


In my experience, the quality of my relationships reflects back to me the quality of my relationship with myself.  The better my relationship with me, the better my relationships are with everyone in my life.

Our goal is to share what we've learned and support you in creating a social life that you love!

"In order to fit in, you must carve away parts of yourself to meet the likes of others. It’s very much like having to carve parts of the square peg away in order to fit it into the round hole."
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